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Workshops & Trainings

Yoga 101

A perfect opportunity for anyone who is new to yoga, or wants to go back to the basics, this three-week workshop provides a solid foundation in basic and essential yoga poses.

Yoga for Anxiety

Experience different modalities of yoga practices that may relieve some of the symptoms and physical manifestations of anxiety.

Yoga Nidra

Begin with a restorative practice to soothe the mind and body, followed by Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) to enter a more deeply relaxed state, allowing the body and mind to absorb your sankalpa (seed of heartfelt desire).

Restorative Yoga & Reiki

Rejuvenate the body and mind.

Move. Breathe. Be. Women's Retreat

Take time for self-care so you can greet spring feeling whole and renewed.

Mindfulness Sitting Group

Have you learned mindfulness meditation but are having trouble keeping up the practice by yourself?

Mindfulness for Over-Full Minds

Explore some mindful movement, look at some of what science has learned about mindfulness, and experiment with some meditation practices.

Floating Meditation & Savasana

Enveloped in a cocoon of total support, float weightlessly in an aerial hammock as you are led through a guided meditation and luxurious extended savasana.

Yoga for Better Balance

Yoga is an amazing tool for maintaining and honing balance skills, so that we can move with more ease and confidence.

Walking Better

Learn how to walk efficiently, with more ease and less stress on your joints and musculature. Through an informative series of Awareness Through Movement Lessons®, you will explore specific movements that occur during walking.

Yoga for Fertility Series

This series focusing on a supportive series of poses, breathing, meditation techniques, visualizations, and deep relaxation that support and enhance before, during and after your cycle.

Aerial Yoga

Flip, fly and float!


A night of chanting with the band Tejase.

Reiki Level 1 Workshop

Reiki is a Japanese term for the concept of "universal life force energy". Practitioners of Reiki utilize meditation, breathing techniques and non-invasive light touch to restore harmony and balance to oneself and others.

Reiki Level 2 Workshop

The Second Degree Attunement further amplifies ones ability to channel Life Force energy.

You will learn ancient symbols that activate particular healing energies, adding to your effectiveness as a Reiki Practitioner.

Feldenkrais for Neck & Shoulder Relief

Learn to improve movement in your neck and shoulders, reducing stress on your muscles, joints and tendons.

Kids/Teen Mindfulness & Yoga Training

Yoga Haven’s Kids Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher Training will give you the tools to work with school age children in a variety of settings. Yoga and mindfulness practices give kids and teens the tools to better understand themselves, foster their well-being and develop a sense of empowerment and achievement. Schools and parents are increasingly looking to this field as a way to manage high levels of stress.

Kids/Teen Mindfulness Training

This training is for current yoga teachers or teacher trainees and/or classroom teachers, administrators or parents/caregivers who want to learn to use yoga and mindfulness practices to help the children and teens in their lives.

Childbirth Education

Our childbirth education workshop is packed with tools and information for both you and your partner, beyond what you might get in a standard hospital course.

Feldenkrais for Happy Hips

How we move unconsciously can often lead to muscular imbalances and overall body asymmetry. Help your hips to move with less effort as you learn to integrate your whole self.

The 3R’s - Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Reflexology

This workshop features gentle practices that synergize to enable profound relaxation and release.

Rope Play

In Iyengar yoga we use the ropes to explore new ways to open, stretch and strengthen the body.

Prenatal Teacher Training

Immerse yourself in the study of yoga for the childbearing year. This 40-hour comprehensive training (contact and non-contact hours), will include how to teach yoga to women in all stages of pregnancy. Participants are eligible for 40 hours of CEU credits.

Fourth Trimester & Newborn Care

Birth is a major physical and emotional event. This workshop is designed to help you and your family set up to successfully recuperate and enter into parenthood.

Reuniting Abdominal Separation Series

Since having your baby, are you struggling with lower back pain, core/hip instability, incontinence? You may have diastasis recti (DR). Over this eight-week series we will demystify DR so you can understand the effects on your body and build the awareness to effectively build core stability.

Sound Bath Meditation with Craniosacral Balancing

Enjoy a sound healing bath with crystal alchemy bowls, while also experiencing the gentle yet powerful effects of craniosacral therapy, a light touch technique that releases tension and stress held in and around the body.

Kundalini Yoga: Awaken & Let Go

Merge the energizing effects of Kundalini Yoga with the restorative benefits of Yoga Nidra.

TMJ Relief with Feldenkrais

Learn how to reprogram your nervous system to improve the connection between your jaw, neck and eyes!

Joy Anyway: The Power of Mindfulness in All Circumstances

Come explore the connection between joy and mindfulness, find out why joy is possible for everyone, and why it’s not only good medicine for us individually, but contagious enough to be good for the whole planet.

Yoga and Live Guitar

An enchanted evening of yoga & music.

Silent Retreat

This silent mini-retreat gives you the opportunity to encounter yourself when you minimize distraction and the ongoing incessant noise and chatter of the world, family, technology, media, and of course the voices in your own head.

Feldenkrais for Better Backs

Learn to improve your self-use and the action of your core muscles, in order to move with power and ease, and create less stress on your back.

LIVE Virtual YogArt $25Purchase required to enroll

Move, breathe, create. You will ebb and flow between short meditation practice, breathing techniques, and a fun yoga flow while creating a zen mandala. We will finish up with a relaxation and a virtual share. All you need is space to move, a piece of paper per person, pencils, and your choice of colored pencils, crayons, or markers and 5 different sized circles to trace (ex: top of a Tupperware, masking tape roll, bottom of a water bottle, a quarter… ). Happy circle hunting!
Recommended for ages 7-12. Younger participants will need some help from an adult/caregiver, while older participants can enjoy independently.