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Toddler, Kids, Teens & Family

Kids Yoga (ages 7-10) Purchase required to enroll

Children and teens experience an enormous amount of stress today. Many things contribute to it: peers, school, families, and competition. We know that stress can affect them physically, mentally and emotionally. In these classes, traditional yoga techniques have been recreated in simple and fun ways that young people can enjoy. Yoga can help create a sense of confidence and well- being, while reducing stress and relaxing them.

Teen Yoga (ages 11 & up) Purchase required to enroll

This class invites participants to develop a greater sense of self-confidence by discovering their inner selves which helps them to deal with the dynamic daily life experiences.
Students often become more self-aware and gain a sense of well-being while developing strength and flexibility and learning breathing and relaxation techniques. Students also learn techniques for concentrating, reducing stress and connecting with their bodies in a loving way.

Toddler Yoga Purchase required to enroll

Embrace your inner child and watch your child grin ear-to-ear as you moo like a cow, hiss like a snake and act completely silly, just as they do. We will use a combination of simple animated poses, games and breathing exercises that help to build coordination, body awareness and self expression. Moms, dads or caregivers please come dressed for yoga and ready to move and have fun. Class is 45 minutes. Ages: 2 - 5.

Family Yoga (ages 7-14) Purchase required to enroll

This class is specially designed for parents and children alike. Classic yoga practice is offered with fun variations for parents and children. This class is an ideal way to spend some family time together that is both fun and enriching for all participants.
Use active class cards or purchase drop ins for those attending.

Mother & Daughter Yoga (ages 7-13) Purchase required to enroll

Join us for a special yoga class for moms and their daughters. Mother/daughter yoga is the perfect place to move, breathe, and smile together through a basic vinyasa flow peppered with breathing exercises, partner poses, games, and wrapping up with a cozy savasana. Build strength and flexibility while increasing body awareness and boosting self esteem. No previous yoga experience necessary. It’s all about enhancing the Mother/Daughter bond and having fun!!!
Both kids and adult class cards can be used, or purchase drop-ins for you and your daughter.

Kids Mindfulness Series (ages 7-11)

Mindfulness isn’t just for grown ups! Set your kids up to reap the life-long benefits of this valuable skill. This series will introduce children to the basic science behind the practice, fill their toolkit with easily accessible practices, and give them a lived experience of the practice's many gifts. Ages 7-11

Tween Aerial Yoga Series (Ages 9-13)

Looking for a fun and creative way to get your kids moving?
Ages 9-13.