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Mindfulness for Over-Full Minds

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Yearning to trade exhaustion and overwhelm for a little peace and clarity?
You have a lot of company, even if everyone’s Instagram feed but yours seems to feature either spectacular home-baked creations or serene tropical views. Even the bakers and the vacationers have a closet full of chaos or at least a stack of undealt-with paperwork somewhere—they just don’t post those.
Zen meditation master Thich Nhat Hanh said it best: “No mud, no lotus.” Those beautiful blossoms start life as seeds sunk deep in the muck.
We can’t control most of what life dishes out, but mindfulness offers us more choice about how we respond. In a 90-minute introductory session, we’ll explore the basics of what science has learned about mindfulness and the mind, and begin to see how we can use this understanding to live with greater awareness, and to respond more wisely to whatever life throws us.

Instructor Bio:
Nancy King Bernstein is a graduate of Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield’s Mindful Meditation Teacher Certification Program. She is a writer and editor and a 2013 graduate of Yoga Haven’s 200-hour Teacher Training.

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