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Yoga for Scoliosis

Purchase required to enroll
Spinal asymmetry resulting from scoliosis can create complications or confusion when practicing yoga. This class will help students with scoliosis better understand their curve(s) and work with specific postures and the breath in order to develop body awareness, achieve spinal extension and length, and build core and back strength. This work can bring more symmetry and less pain in their bodies, both on and off the mat. Modifications and techniques will also be discussed as how to incorporate this work into a more general class setting.
Class is appropriate for all levels and is appropriate for those with spinal fusions for scoliosis (provided they are at least 1 year post surgery with doctor's approval).

If this is your first time attending a Yoga for Scoliosis class at Yoga Haven, please arrive at 6:30 pm so we can assess curve(s).